Thursday, November 13, 2008

Yet Another Job Interviews...

Dear Diary,

I am glad to be back again. I was all around Kuala Lumpur for the past 2 days for another job interviews.

The very first one was with the Royal Thai Embassy for the Political Assistant post.

I like the job actually, and it has a very wide scope. But you know, I have to compete with another 2 applicants (ONLY) and guess what? They are from the field-- Political Science/Sociology. I am not sure if I really eligible to get the job but hey, I am sooooo willing to learn lah!

Result will be out soon, so, provided I get this job, I will go for this one instead of the FA.

All in all, I really had fun during the interview. There were 5 people who interviewed me, and they are genuine Thai's! 2 ladies and 3 gents. And believe it or not, I actually did not feel like I was being interviewed for the Political Assistant post, the reason is they were all good looking people. I mean very² good looking, just like models! Pengsannn....

Aiyo, seriously, rase more to macam nak casting jadi model!

And yet it was my first time there, at the embassy building. Typical rumah Thai laa, white marble flooring, dinding.....basically almost every nook nak white marble.

I was greeted by this Thai angle on my way to the admin office. Nah, patung ni kat mane² sudut ade.

What happened to the white elephant? haha

Must be the Rukun Negara, or Surah Yaasin, or lagu Negaraku in Thai context, heh?

The building is here, located at Jalan Ampang, where all embassies from around the world located at.

Then, I was at Mont Kiara, for another interview with Sunrise Berhad. The company is the main developer for almost all luxury projects located at Mont Kiara, the exclusive vicinity popular amongst expats in Kuala Lumpur (and recently Kampung Attap too, next to KLCC).

I attended the interview in the morning, and received a phone call later in the evening telling me a good news that I got the job! Wicked! Alhamdulillah...murah rezeki.

Well, I am still keeping my options open, for a better offer. Will decide end of this month ;)


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