Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Malaysia International Landscape & Garden Festival 2008 Pt 1

Dear Diary,

This is the continuation part of this entry. Ha....if anyone of you thinks that is my gf, nah...that is just wrong. She is actually one of my girl pal whom I was with to this festival--The Malaysia International Landscape & Garden Festival that was held not so long ago (precisely July 19-27) which was held at the Lake Garden.

It was an impromptu idea, we, I mean I was with some friends at that time and we were just running out of ideas where to head to for the weekend and Fad suggested we go here. Everyone agreed and here they are, some of the photos taken at the event.

There were 7 of us and we were kinda late for the event, provided we arrived at 6pm'ish and the event were about to close (final day, it was!)!

Entry fee was RM 3. It was alright, since we were given a complimentary mineral water/fruit juice at the main entrance. You can't really complaint when you were surrounded with very beautiful lush 'fake' gardens at the event area!

And I met Kenny Sia(o) too, duh~!

I opted for this one, at first but then I changed for the one below...

Can't remember what building this is, new JKR main office maybe?

Ughh.....nice clean loo for a price.

Last but not least, the Malaysia Parliamentary Building located close to the event area!
We did not get in there, just a snap to show la...

Wait for the second part!

U know u love me, xoxo


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