Friday, November 28, 2008


Was at the Gangstarz Finale show at Stadium Malawati last August with D and boyfie. It was great. Some photos for you.

Oh, btw, the event was held on the same day I attended my final stage of MAS FA interview. Luckily abes interview cepat. Else, tak kene maki dengan D sebab dah promised nak pegi dgn dia?

'Saky' at the entrance. Haha

So, if you see dlm TV the stadium looked full, actually tak pon....

The opening act by The Lima.

Followed by the introduction of the contestants.

The MC's, of course.

Aiyo.....Dayang looked stunning la that night. I like her new do, btw.

Ulat taik.

Closing act by Mata.

All in all, it was a very tiring day that day. I was attending the interview from 8 in the morning right till 7 in the evening, and the concert only finished at about 1'ish, so......indescribable.


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