Friday, November 28, 2008

Raya 2008 Pt 6

***see the previous part here.

Another report from my Raya 2008 ;).
These photos were taken on the first day of Raya. Like years before, a lot of dramas seen on the first day itself, especially in the morning. Ha!

Filial pity. Kissing ma, asking for forgiveness for all the wrong doings past one year ;)

Ta-duh~! My big happy family. There are 30 members in the family, certainly not a nucleus family portrait. 4 were missing in the photo tho. (and this is the purpose of camera tripod, when you dont have someone to snap for the photo)


Traditional cuisine, special for the day.

This one is my fav too! Mama Carrie.


I am telling you, every year, kalo balik raya mesty ade air gas brand baru.

Tak payah makan lain, makan ni pon dah cukop ;)


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