Monday, November 24, 2008


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I went to the BluInc office 2 weeks ago, right after I received the letter, the I-won-a-contest letter to pick up the prizes. Yes, it was like what I was expecting--some cheap movie merchandise that I could buy in less than RM 50 for the whole package.

Check out the items below:

Not this one, but the co. is also the publisher for the Malaysia Airlines in-flight magazine.

The whole gift.

The SUPER MAFUCKA large T-shirt. They said it worth RM 200, but in reality, it is one cheap t-shirt that I guess not even more than RM 15!

Satchel bag worth RM 250. The truth: similar cheap canvas bag is no more than RM 20.

Key chain = RM 150, but wtf? This is around RM 5 only at NRP.

Phone dangle RM 50? Menipu sangat laaa!

Nasib baik cap dia 'RM 180' tu ok!

My mistake, I was expecting more :(


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