Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Raya 2008 Pt 4

Dear Diary,

I received quite a number of queries regarding my entry here if that was my real kampong house. The answer is nah...I am not that rich to have such a big kampong house. It is not really a house actually but a museum close to my kampong--Muzium Raja Melewar. Google it if you keen to know more about the museum. I visited the museum on the third day of Raya, been long since I wanted to visit the place!

Anyway, this is the other part of my Raya 2008 entry. And BELOW is my real kampong house! Ha ha. Small, cute, nice house made from solid wood...what else to say? Just a typical kampong house (I wish the it has a common bathroom, must've been great, neh?)

Yeay, I finally reached the kampong!

Raya is not complete with the pelita (gasoline lamp)

And of course la, like many years before....pak sedara harus la lebey dari anak buah! Hahaha

Italicclick to enlarge

No, this was not photoshopped ok! Camera effect it was.

Tolong the mak, with a big hope that I will dapat duit Raya banyak on the following day ;)


.....to be continued.


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