Monday, November 10, 2008

Tyra Banks & Michelle Obama

OK OK, everyone in the world knows that Barrack Obama is the new President of the USA. People from Suriname to Ibiza, St. Petersburg to Bukit Beruang, Wellington to Tel-Aviv, semua dah tahu that news (unless yang ignorant tak amik pusing world news and politics).

So, benda ni dah lame. Can be considered dah basi since I first saw these photos below 3 months ago when I was still working at the NAM.

It is actually interesting to see how Miss Tyra Banks (literally) help this Democratic Party candidate in his Presidency campaign.

She dresses as Michelle Obama! Yes, it is true!
Anyway, feel free to click here to know more about Obama.

Gosh, for f*ck sake, I love those pics above!

What about you?


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