Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Home.....From Work

Dear Diary,

Just to share, here are some of the photos of me taken on my way back home from work everyday (dulu laa..). I had to commute by car, bus, then train followed by bus again in order for me to get to the office located at Jalan Duta, KL. I don't mind taking up the bus, it's way cheaper than driving, well, some yang berangan classy fussy tu tak lah kan....oopsss...

You see, as I was working with a government agency before, passangers yang lain pon ramai la makcik², you know how significant public service dengan makcik² kan?.... ;)

And the bus will pass by these 2 very posh housing areas--Kenny Hills and Bukit Tunku.
And this is Tijani 2. Very nice, very modern, edgy.....but nah....not so me.

And...another villas at Tijani 2.

And this Tijani 1. The area is very secluded, so, I dont know how the houses look like.
Must be very nice too, I envy those who lives here.

And Impian Bukit Tunku. This one possesed 'that' typical Malay'ish Mansion design....bosan.

A friend of mine, had told me once, that he wishes to live at Kenny Hills.

And I replied, who doesn't?

The question is, how fat is your bank account, and how much you make per month?

And of course, how much are you willing to pay for the address? Yes, you are paying for the address.....


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