Friday, June 12, 2009

Makan² at Pavilion

Dear Diary,

Good day. It's a lovely Thursday afternoon. Good weather outside. And I will be flying off to Kota Bharu this evening. It will be my first lay over in the city so, Renaissance I come! ;)

I will meet a good ol' friend of mine there tonight, Naz, whom I was talking about in previous entry. He will depart for Melbourne next week. The timing is just right, heh?
(tapi bukankah Melbie banyak kes H1N1 and gov dah forbid local travellers from going to the city?)

Anyway, speaking of friend, I have a not-s0-nice story to tell lah about this so-called friend. Will tell more next time. Come to think of it, memang benci.

But heck, let's talk about makan² this time, OK?

Yes, I makan²ed at Food Republic, Pavilion this time.

Just how much I hate to admit this, but Pavilion has the nicest food court that one can ever see in KL. It is spacey, lots of varieties and the foods are so affordable (and big portion too!).

Just look at the photo below. A set of Thai Laksa with Sweet Mango and Sticky Rice came at RM 11.90 only. Ha!

I love the dessert, but the Laksa seemed like missing something. Less 'Umph' which I still don't know what.

Later that day, I makan²ed at J.Co Donut. I was so craving for the donuts, and just I takde kaki to tag along. To eat donut alone mana lah fun, so nasib baik ada makhluk Tuhan ni. Thanks babe temankan :)

And surprisingly this time, there was no one q'ing for their famous donuts. Perhaps it was during office hours?

And yeah, I loved the Baby Donuts very much!

Ouh....deliciously scorching.

U know u love me, xoxo


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