Friday, June 12, 2009

Back To Legoland

Short Note:

This shyt thing happened last Friday. Can you imagine, my wallet was stolen during Friday prayer last week? Both of my flatmates were not at home so I went to the mosque alone. And I brought along my wallet, since I was planning to have my lunch after the prayer. During the second sujud, just before tahiyat akhir, I felt there was something in between my kelangkang. Haha! Yes, it might sound funny but when I got up for my tahiyat, I found that my ever beloved Cerruti wallet went missing. Oh shuck! Then I realized that the person who was performing the preyer next to me 'went missing' as well. Luckily la sempat nak bagi salam.....if I bangun, mmg la nampak smayang main². Since I still nampak the guy macam tergesa² going out of the mosque, I kejar la.....dapat tarik baju dia! Ha....kene cepok skali. F*cK! I just don't know from where on earth I got the strength to bantai the fella.

He was holding my wallet. I asked him to return the wallet. He did. I make fuss about it. I yelled at the fella in front of the mosque la kan.....tak la sampai mencarut since it happened dlm rumah Tuhan, and I just sujud kat Dia.

Guess what? There were zillions of other prayers surrounding us by the time I got my wallet.
Memikirkan pick up early after the prayer, I left the fella with a warning. And I guess the fella kene cepuk lagi dengan other people when I left him. Serve you right!

Orang kan, kalo nak buat jahat, kat Masjid pon boleh......time sujud pulak tu. Dahsyat!


Dear Diary,

I went to Suria KLCC the other week, and came across this Legoland event. Wow wow wow!

Taj Mahal

The Pyramid of Mexico.

Petronas Twin Tower.

Macchu Picchu.

The Colosseum

....and the ever famous ruins of Petra in Jordan.

Oh boi, I didnt know that we could 'build' all these by Lego?


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