Wednesday, July 09, 2008

A Tribute to Miss Z

[pic taken at Libra, Third Cross Street in Melaka]

Guten Morgen everyone,

I wish to kickstart my day with a Belated Bday wish to my angel, Miss Z. She turned 25 last Monday. I know I am a no-good friend. How could I possibly did not remember her bday? HA! I'm very sorry, Z :(

So Miss Z, Happy Belated. May your forthcoming year be filled with inspirations, contentment, great health and love in our friendship.

[the Office, on Labour Day eve 2008]

[Johnnies, JJ]

[Mystique 2008, MMU Official Prom Nite]

Whenever I look at the pic above, it will very much remind me to the photo below. Her dress may look similar. Great choice, great taste, btw.









TA~DAAA~~~![Serena van der Woodsen & Dan Humphrey of GG's. Almost same kan, the dress?]

Anyway Miss Z, I do hope that we can meet again and repeat the whole fun things we did together with the company. I miss so many things that I left in Mlk.

[Mlk Jetty Pier]

Much love, Zx


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