Wednesday, July 09, 2008

O Lord, TGIF // BBBS Pt. 2

Dear diary,

I am very glad that weekend is approaching. I like Fridays a lot, for some reasons, more to Saturdays and of koz, Sundays.

I had a meeting this a.m with my employer. It was a brief one.

Performed my Friday prayer at M.W like the other weeks before.

Nothing much planned for the weekend so far. Mohai and co. ade ajak pegi Ikea. But I was like why th you nak melepak di kedai furniture? Apakah rakan²ku masih waras untuk pergi berlibur di kala hujung minggu di Ikea?
Anyways, as mentioned before, here are some of the photos of my beloved alma mater--the Bukit Bintang Boys' School situated in Seksyen 14, Petaling Jaya. Been like 7 years since I last went to the school. Banyak sangat beza.

I cant remember this masjid's real name, my colleagues and I pegi here to sembahyang Jumaat before. We used to call it Masjid Bulat masa sekolah dulu sbb bentuk dia yg bulat kalau tgk dr atas (as if I penah tgk dr atas).

Dulu this space was a kilang, but now dah ade Jaya 33, located opposite to Jaya Supermarket.

This is the Jaya Supermarket that I cakap about. Ahso tu sorry I tak kenal pon.

Located depan Jaya Supermarket ade Mc'D pulak di mana time stay-back mesti nak datang sini.

There you go, my school dgn badminton hall yang maha besar sponsored by Isomax.

Ni adalah pintu pagar Sekolah Sri Petaling yang mane ramai rich brats blajar di sini.

The jambatan connecting my school to Sekolah Sri Petaling.

Well I have like tens of thousands of photos that I snapped during my recent visit to the school. I will show 'em more in my next entries. But bear in mind, my school isn't the most beautiful Hi School in Malaysia. Having said that, it does not mean that I malu and will only show pretty nooks only. You will see every inch of the school nanti. Just wait.......

You have a splendid weekend!

u know u love me, xoxo


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