Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Kampung Pengantin

Greetings peeps,

Last Sunday, I pindah my barang²s to rumah baru. You know, barang² I dr Melaka dulu pindah ke rumah parents now. And, it buatkan the whole house nampak cramped sgt. As you can see below, there are 10 boxes of my books alone, mase kat Mlk dulu. It looks mcm tak banyak, but when you susun² properly, in order ikut genre, author and size, you will see la kan how much space it will cost you.

I love to read. My fav books are those yang written by A. Samad Said and Ramli Awang Murshid.
Kalau English, my fav is Animal Farm written by George Orwell.

My girlpal in Mlk dulu penah cakap, yang I did not potray an IT student. It's so true! All I wanted to do after SPM dulu was nak amik Law, but you know.....bile family x permits :(

I still remember mase SPM dulu, I was the only person yang amik Kesusasteraan Melayu. Can you imagine I was surrounded dengan 6 invigilators and yang amik the exam was me alone?

I studied the subject sendiri, OK? No teacher etc. To admit, I tak dapat A1 for that paper, tapi I know it's something yang I can be proud of bile paper tu I PASSED. You know, even people yang amik KOMSAS dalam paper BM yang general tu pon dah susah, ni pulak bile you study hardcore literature. Mase tu, ade 5 textbooks I kene cover sendiri.

1 untuk drama and teater,
1 untuk puisi,
1 untuk cerpen,
1 untuk Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa (the scariest!),
and the other 1 I tak ingat, unfortunately.

Ok back to the story.
I was lucky yang my elder brother has offered me his house untuk simpan all the books etc. Not that kat rumah yang he's living now, but the other house yang dia tak pernah minat nak duduk pon.

Yang paling best is he even asked me to stay there, kate orang Melayunye mintak I jage the rumah. It's a pretty nice offer indeed. The house is fully furnished, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths and came dgn nice view. Yang I really kene ade now is a car, because locationwise, the house is located atas bukit and tak de bus yang serve the area.


That evening pulak, I ke Kampung Pengantin in Jalan Ampang. My sister mintak I temankan her since the hubby is in Ukraine now on a business trip.

It was heavily raining that evening. I am rabun, very rabun, long sighted. And my sis pulak asking me to drive sbb dia tak make up lg. Can you imagine, bile you rabun, driving time kejap² brake. That resulting make up yang ala² badut on my sis. HAHA

Anyway, take a look at the photos of the wedding reception that I went that evening.

Some info:

  1. The bride tu mixed Malay and Indian

  2. And the groom tu mixed Chinese and Serani

  3. So, ape yang I nampak was a good mixture of ppl yang hadir. Same portion untuk Malay, Chinese, Indian and Serani. The most unique wedding I've even been to.

  4. The theme was garden-wedding.

  5. Was told the man behind the concept and everything was Pak Abu.

  6. The couple amik the cheapest package at minimal of MYR 15k

  7. And that 15k goes to 200 pax only.

  8. WHAT????!!!!

The interior. Flowers were everywhere.

You see, this happened bile you rush into things. I didnt realized that I slipped into this gym socks for the wedding!

Please guess what is this shyt?











Look closer! Look twice!

WTH?! I didnt know such thing does exist? It's a clutch holder. Belongs to my sis, of koz.

Table setting, so so laaa...

And out of sudden, ade sorang singh tepuk my shoulder and cakap "I know you...!" And I gave him this look.

You know, I get very² phobia and tak comfortable bile someone mention those 3 magic words. It could be a good "I know you.." and it could even be a bad "I know you...." Ask me personally, if you want to know why? But luckily, it was the 'good' one! :)

The menu. No veges on my table tho.

The dessert.

The teh tarik, or "pulled tea"

Sangkar Cinta Ziana Zain

Flower setting on the table. As you can see, ade 3 type of flowers yang mewakili 3 major kaum's in Malaysia. The berjurai2 Bunga Tanjung mewakili Indian, the Carnation mewakili Cine (like they pakai untuk offerings) and the Sundal Malam mewakili Malay. Interesting, ne?

The Bunga Tanjung I mentioned

The Sundal Malam

Another table setting

The bangku depan the rumah

The IKEA/Jonker Walk lamps

OK...event dah tamat.

Kalau you ade wedding at Kampung Pengantin someday, the place is located just a mile away from KLCC. It is just behind Holiday Inn Service Apartment in Jalan Ampang

Anyway, Congrats to the newly-wed Mikail and wifey. And on the far right is me and the one standing beside is my sis. Tak nampak macam make-up badut pulak? Haha

U know u love me, xoxo


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