Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The Int'l Muay Thai Superfights 2008

Dear diary,

Last Saturday, was the hectic-est (I know, I know...I just create the word) weekend I ever went through ever since I started working.

I woke up very early in the a.m in order to catch 'something something' with my ex-uni mate Mohayop and his bf and few other people. It was fun though, I will tell more on that in my next entries. We finished that 'something something' at around 2'ish. I was drop dead tired at that time and was in need of a good rest before I proceed to the next activities.

So, I got home at 3, took a shower, perfomed my Zohor and terbongkang till around 5 p.m.

Once I got up, I headed to the shower again, put on make-up (well, it was just body lotion and edt....haha) and shot to Shah Alam's Malawati stadium for the Int'l Muay Thai Superfights. I drove to the stadium, all alone. Say who I cannot drive, huh?

Persimpangan Cheras Baru and Jalan Kuari. That is Ketumbar Heights condo in front.

Yeay, dah sampai Tol Bt 3;)

Actually, I came in very earlly for the show. That was my first time in the stadium. Credit to Aji for the direction.

The ring. Teringat time finale CLEO EB kat Zouk last April. Haha

The Chinese Gendang or was it Gong? Konon² opening act la... tak de ciri² Siam langsung!

And then, they brought the 'ring girls' on Harleys, yes, Harley super bikes (promise I dont know what they called those sexy girls in cute denim hotpants!)

Then all the fighters appeared in the stadium. There were 2 ladies fighters though. 1 from OZ and the other one was a model from South Africa. She stood at 5'11". What??!

Marion caunter was the MC with a guy. Rase²nye lah Marion, I can't see the face, after all my seat was so jauh, ok eventhough I duduk kat First Class row?! But the suara was so Marion. HA!

The very first fight. Between someone from UAE and someone from Suisse. Well, I didnt really bother lah...I just nak tgk how Muay Thai was.

Sengit, as if!

Well, I am very glad I finally dapat post the entry. Basically, it wasn't my thing lah, u know, lawan², tumbuk² ni. I am all against violence! I am into love, peace and harmony living only....haha.

Needless to say, the whole thing Muay Thai I went to wasn't really as interesting as I thought, so I left the stadium after the second match (there were 7 matches if I'm not mistaken) and drove back. Texted B and F. They were in town, so I fetched F at his place and we then had our late dinner at Old Town Coffee, Jalan Cheras. It was my first time there, too. Been to the one in Dataran Pahlawan, but that was the mini version of this one in Jalan Cheras. I guess we were the only Malay in the coffee shop. I truly did not feel like I was in Malaysia....haha. But who cares!

You see, I was wearing the t-shirt I received the other day. And, with the same outfit, F1, F2 and me pegi clubbing after that di Bukit Bintang. Man, its been really long since I last went out partying with buddies.

It was really a heavy night that night. I only got home betol² time azan Subuh. Haaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

u know u love me, xoxo


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