Monday, July 07, 2008

How Kiasu Malaysians Are These Days...

The first 2 photos were taken at Masjid Jamek STAR LRT station, roughly at about 7a.m.

I everyday commute to tempat keje naik turun naik LRT dgn bas. So, the scene below mmg I tgk everyday.

To those yang tak tau, in Malaysia, ade free daily nespaper called theSun and they are being circulated kat hot spots scattered in Klang Valley. So, to cut the story short, since everyday naik LRT and the newspaper ade they all letak kat LRT Station, I pon amik la a copy, untuk my daily dosage. Malas actually bace online newspaper.

So, nak diceritakan, everyday I akan jumpe fellow Malaysians lain yang amik same paper. Yang sakit hati nye, when ade yang tak considerate langsung dgn others. Can you imagine ade yang amik the free papers sampai MORE THAN 5 COPIES.

For God sake, on what reason you needed so much papers? Be it kalo you cakap kawan office nak skali.....duh~!! Tak tau nak share ke? Think about the environment too!

I am no racist, and I don't like to see one either...tapi yang amik banyak copies tu selalunye AhSo's² (auntie²).

Somehow, yang amik banyak tu, bile they all speak, they barely bunyik orang tau speakin you know. How pathetic these people, huh!?

Let's bentang case study. Yang amik banyak tu, I supposed you are either:

  1. Nasik Lemak seller, you want to cut the budget untuk packaging nasik lemak (or wuteva shyt you sell), so you pon rembat the papers more than you should
  2. You run a Recycle Centre business. Duh~
  3. You want to make money out of the free papers, you SELL to Recycle Centres
  4. ...and the list goes on....

Come on la Ahso², why so kiasu? Tolong la be considerate. I guess I am lucky I still dpt the paper (since I sampai cepat), but what about those yang tak dapat.

Guess what, this morning I nampak lagi the same scenario. Mmg mulut I gatal nak tanye, takpe we'll see tomorrow.

Kalau you cakap I'm racist, wait till you read this, this and this! Written by Kenny Sia, a celebrity blogger (used to be a CLEO bachelor, under the same batch like me), read his readers comments. Lagi sakit ati! Especially bile dia kondem our goverment bile dia tak faham nak isik borang tax.'s not our government's fault when you dont understand Malay. You ARE a Malaysian, and YOU ARE in MALAYSIA!

the free newspapers for public

Ni lagi satu, how menyampah gile when I tgk this uncle. Hello uncle, kalau you duduk properly, 6 people boleh duduk in that row ok?! Even kalau you carry the grand daughter, takkan sampai nak duduk senget macam tu??! No menace!! If this happen to be your AhPa or uncle or pakcik or GrandPa etc, pls forgive me. I can't help myself, if you want transparency writings, this is it.

ps: sape² tak puas hati with my entry, pls spill it up straight to my face, if and only if you have the balls. and we talk about it panjang lebar. how does that sound?


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