Tuesday, July 01, 2008

the idiocy and senselessness someone

Guten Tag,

Wie geht es dir? Ich bin gut ;)

OK, where do I start?

Well I should say it was a 'splendid' weekend last weekend. I got up very early last Saturday just like the other day. Thought of heading to the gym, but I felt rather tired still. Tired dgn yesterday's work yang tak hilang lg and ditambahkan lagi dgn penat memikirkan how jauh the gym is.

Mind you, to get there (BV), I have to take the feeder bus from home to Cempaka STAR Station. Then, LRT to Masjid Jamek Interchange. Then Putra LRT to Bangsar Station. Finally, from Bangsar Station to BV. You see, leceh kan?

I have to have like 2 hours or so, just to get to the gym. How I wish the country ade system yang really integrate for buses and trains, just like the neighbouring country, S. Looking at the mirror these days, I feel rather sick and unhealthy. I dont feel so good. Call me, self-obsessed, I coudnt agree less. I used to be 'big' before with lean-to-muscular body frame, but now...I am none but a skinny lazy ass.

During my first day at Celeb the other day, I managed to do my fitness test after so long. The reading goes like this:

Body Fat % (BF) = 17.3%
Total Weight = 72kgs
BMI = 22.2

I was like WTF, when I got to know my current BF%. It used to be 12%, and that was only measured end of last year when I was a gym rat back in MLK. I have put up 6% in less than a year!

I know it's mad!

Check out the before and after photos below.


ps: ko bile nak kawen Kuntom?

and the AFTER
















HA?! OK OK the summary: I lost few kgs, lost the cutting, gained 6% of BF, and increased the BMI too!

Duh~ it's scary. That's the only drawback la bile stay dgn family. U know, being a Negri's, my daily diet goes like this

  1. Weekdays means nasi lemak, lunch with lots of fried cookings, balik rumah, masak
    lemak etc
  2. Weekends is even unhealthier. Same menu like above plus
    exteremely a lot of junk foods :(

Sad, ne?

Anyway, back to the story. Since I malas to go to the gym, I decided to lay my ass off in Starbucks' couch. I was in need to check my email anyway, so, it was a good excuse.
Texted few people in town, and I ended up going there solo :(

As usual, I headed to KLCC. They have my favorite Starbucks in Malaysia, located at Level 3 (as well as the one at level 5 in Pavilion).

The cafe was full-house. So nak x nak, I ordered my cup of latte first and pergi la menebeng mane² seat yang empty. I am known to friends that I bukan jenis nak segan².

And I shared my table dgn a girl. A pretty girl actually. At first I thought she was Chinese--funky hair style, pierced eyebrow, almond eyes, very fair skin and wore Harajuku-type of outfit.
But I was wrong! She was not Chinese, not even a local. A Viet visitor, instead.

We chatted a bit. Well, she was VERY CHATTY! I was and am still very surprised actually, that she had the trust in me and left her new VAIO laptop twice while she went to the loo. Kalo I, mmg x la nak senang² tinggalkan laptop kat unknown.

But she is not the main subject I want to tell. My laptop battery had almost gone flat about 20 mins later. The only plug yang ade was just beside me, and someone was using that I know.

Habis all floor I carik, none yang free. So, I pon terpakse la ask permission of that guy.
The dialogue sounded like this:

Me: Excuse me Sir, will it be OK if we share the power plug?

He : I'm using (with no courtesy to look at my face)

OMG! Don't you rase dia mcm b~^*? Since dia pakai laptop yang same brand dgn mine, and I can see from far yang laptop dia dah fully-charged (indicated in yellow color), that's why la I have the courage to ask him. Tu laa...orang nak pakai laptop dia nak pakai laptop, tapi tak tau basic operation. Ni mesti kes x bace manual.

And guess what? He was a Malay guy! An ignorantly stupid Malay guy!

Spent a couple of hours in Starbucks where then I walked to Royal Selangor to pick up my flask. I sent my flask here couple of weeks ago to repair a dent as well as to polish it. The flask is a signature design of Erik Magnussen for Royal Selangor.

Man, they cost me a BOMB just for the 2 minor services.

geez...they wrapped it with love ;p

The so much beloved flask

I'm an ardent Royal Selangor lover. I've also got myself few accesories from them.

Well, u know u love me. xoxo


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