Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Survey 2


Im from a big family, and me the youngest one (you don’t judge me)

Shoe size:

Few cm’s to reach 6'. 1.78m to be exact. I wish I was taller

Where do you live:
the jinjang ever Cheras

Home sweet home:
Here in Cheras. I am a true KL’ite, you see. I was born in KL, raised in KL everything in KL, except those 5 sweet years I spent in Melaka for my degree.

Favourite drinks:
Soy bean and double shot low fat iced latte. I know it’s a long name for a drink, but me lovin’ it.

Fallen asleep in school:
Yes, always. I penah kene jerit kat telinga dgn my high school principal mase form 3. Kalau di uni dulu pulak mmg my favorite tido time class maths dgn class Mr. Ghulam. ahaha

Broken some one's heart:

Fell off your chair:
Nah, cant remember, macam x pernah je

Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call:
Yes, but only during the beginning of the relationship or when we're in a fight.

What is your room like:
Simply not me.

What's right beside you:
My bed

Do you believe in love at first sight:

Who was the last person you danced with:
F1 and F2, we were in the club 2 weeks ago. But I barely danced (minus the one when I tango’ed in front of 1000 guests during my Uni prom night last year, I was in ecstasy feeling when people liked my own version of Asi Se Baila El Tango), I look stupid when I dance to disco tunes.

Last made you smile:
Nadz, he called me all the way from Sydney last nyt

You last yelled at:
Nah….cant really remember, I swear.

Best feeling in the world:
When I be able to speed and remain unchanged in fast lane. I am a mad driver.

What's under your bed:
My clothes and junks (squash racket, diving fins and goggle mask).

Who do you really hate:
No one in particular

Is there a person who is on your mind right now:
Actually, I fell for someone; N but unfortunately I don’t know how to express my feelings to that ‘someone’. N, I hope u read this!

Do you want children:
Nak sangat….but, sapelah nak pada patik si pacar yang hina ini

Do you smile often:
Not really

Do you like your hand-writing:
Man, my handwriting will blow-away your fckin mind. Trust me. You will instantly fall in love with me when you receive a written note from me.

Whose bed other than yours would you rather sleep in:
MM’s in Novena. Or EL’s in Mid Levels (4 years ago) = E.U.P.H.O.R.I.A

What colour shirt are you wearing:
Im topless now.

What were you doing at 7:00pm yesterday:
Was in bed for a nap

When did you cry last:
Long long time ago

Are you a friendly person:
I guess im over friendly lah. Try me!

Are you too forgiving:

Who was the last person you cried in front of:
Eeee…never have, never will.

How many people can you say you've really loved:
Only a few precious, precious ones, like family and good quality friends that I can count on..

Do you eat healthy:
Dulu ye, now, not anymore. Say who dieting is for those yang nak budget. Lagi kau diet lagi kau banyak spend your money.

Do you still have pictures of you & your ex:
Yes... I like to hold onto certain memories.

Are you loud or quiet most of the time:
I'm very very very quiet in front of unknown people, but I'm loud when I'm with my friends.

Are you confident:
Not really.

5 things on my to-do list:
-to get a shower after this
-to shave and do the manscape
-to press my office attire
-to polish my shoes
-and tomorrow to scrub my face and wear on the facial mask. It’s a weekly ritual. (screw Biotherm, makin pakai makin teruk)

5 places I have lived in:
-Cheras Baru
-Kampung Pandan (I stayed at boarding school before)
-College in my first year in uni
-Taman Melawis in Ayer Keroh Melaka
-back to Cheras

5 jobs I've had:
-kitchen assistant at Gloria Jeans coffee
-Digi’s Fu-Yoh college army
-commercial model (did quite a number, keep your eyes wide open, and you will see me **sebut namaku 3x, akan ku jelma di kamarmu di malam hari)
-technical consultant (the most suitable term untuk kerja2 betolkan pc family)
-current job

u know u love me, xoxo


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