Friday, July 11, 2008

Bukit Bintang Boys' School Pt. 3

The journey contd..... ;)

Read this for more info about the school.

One trivia, that I actually pon baru tau, some famous BBians include Tan Sri Musa Hassan (current Inspector General of Police), Reshmonu (award winning recording artist) and Irfan Khairi (Malaysian Internet Millionaire)....and of koz, me myself. haha!

Anyway, as I mentioned earlier, my school isn't the prettiest school in Malaysia. After all, its a boys' school, again B.O.Y.S school, so expect the not-so-pleasant look of it, ok?!

Let the game begins....

The block that houses library, upper six classes, ladies' washroom, Teachers Room as well as the Principal's Room.

The main entrance. I was surprised to see that the school is celebrating its Golden Jubilee later this year. Must pay another visit soon to ask about the Old Boys' Association Dinner

Bilek che'gu. I really miss this room. Penah kene tarik telinga dengan cikgu Maths kat sini ok!
Miss Ong Siew Hoong, where art thou? I was told you're not teaching here anymore!

The Boler Block (named after Mr. David Boler, the principal at that time--Year 1976) that houses a Chapel, Computer Lab, SPBT room (I dont think ade lg SPBT, anyone?), Form 4 & 6 Physics Lab, Science Labs, Chemistry Lab and Biology Lab.

The Library. It's a small library. All books buku² lame ok! Mostly those published in 60's era.

My classes during lower secondary where......
... the previous old bois stood for the class photo in Year 1971. You see, the doors and the tingkap's remain unchanged until now.

And my class when I was in Form 4 and Form 5. They both located above the Muslim prayer Room.

It used to be Sick Bay here, as well as the Scout Dent. Mdm. Ng Lai Na (ex-Biology teacher) said they just robohkan the 2 rooms due to termites problem 3 years ago! And behind that you can see PJ Hilton, The Armada and The Istara. The school is nicely located within the prime area of Sec 14, PJ.

The entrance to the badminton complex aka hall. Kat pintu tu la prefects berdiri nak check name tag, socks, badge, finger nails, hair etc etc. We called them "anjing skolah" ***oopss sorry. Mereka jugak dipanggil "banana" sebab seluar putih and shirt kuning. What an awful combination, ne!?

Nisi Dominus Frustra in Latin for "Tanpa Restu Tuhan Semuakan Gagal". It was then changed to "Dengan Restu Tuhan Semuakan Jaya" because there were many who complained that the first one sounded scary lah

Ape kes?

Ya right! BB the Best and The Best For BB.

The bunting of the upcoming Golden Jubilee celebration

Editorial Board message board. My name used to be on that board before. I was the sub-editor, appropriately sub-ed for the school magazine called Bintang in Year 2001.

The interior of the badminton complex. Weekly assembly is held here every Monday morning. And on that stage lah aku slalu berdiri to receive certs as well as to pidato la, bace puisi la, syarahan la etc etc :)

The walkway to the canteen. Nampak tua sangat kan?

Royal Malaysian Police Cadet Room, next to discipline teacher's room....

The musolla

The Quarter Master room

The Canteen

Sponsored by Isomax, the squasy complex here in BB is certainly larger than MMU's Plaza Siswa in Melaka

When I was in Form 3, I amik Sains Pertanian untuk KH. So, for PMR punye evaluation we all kene buat so-called Taman Mini. Terpakse la bawak 4-5 pokok tanam. Tu tak termasok pebbles dlm aquarium tu, fibre pokok klape sawit etc etc konon ² untuk decorate kan that Taman Mini.

I loved this mak cik's Nasik Lemak. The sambal was superbly cooked. But dia dah tutup kedai. Baru nak tegur sape sad!

The rear of the examination hall.

Last but certainly not least, I felt very² proud last time that Mdm Maryam referred me as a 'former boy', not 'ex-student'. The feeling was very² calming and yet welcoming too!

"Without God Before Us, All Is Vanity"
u know u love me, xoxo


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