Thursday, July 03, 2008

Muay Thai Superfights

Dear readers,

I received this letter last Sunday. I supposed it had been inside the mailbox for almost a week by looking at the date on the letter. I (and the other family members) rarely check the mailbox, for some reason.

My proof to you.

I actually just won myself a ticket to the Muay Thai Superfights this Saturday at Shah Alam's Melawati Stadium worth MYR 125 ! To all readers from overseas, Muay Thai is the Asian version of kickboxing. It will be the first time in Malaysia, though. Click here for more details of the fight.

I bet I am just purely lucky lah, selalu menang contest. Hehe

Some of you might say, wtf?! But honestly, I'm all excited to go. I have never seen live Muay Thai fight before.
The bad thing is, it is only one ticket! Nah....that would be boring....I wish I could take someone with me.

The poster adv Men's Health June issue.

You can read here too!

At first, I thought my ticket would be the most expensive one, they did mention "First Class", after all. But I was wrong! There will be 2 more 'classes' in front of me--the VIP and VVIP! Now, I keen to know which Datuk's and Tan Sri's will be seating in front of me this Saturday.

How I wish I could get a free upgrade to the VVIP seating area. That must be fun. Anyway, I'm still grateful dgn what I have now :)

u know u love me, xoxo


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