Wednesday, July 09, 2008

BluInc, Muay Thai and BBBS

Dear everyone,

How was your weekend? I enjoyed mine a lot. I took a day off last Friday, so it was a long weekend for me. I am chillin’ at home now. It’s a lovely Sunday (the moment this entry was written), it’s very bright and sunny outside. Very California ;)

I paid a visit to BluInc office at Section 13, PJ on Friday morning to pick up my Muay Thai ticket. I met Jaclyn, the person in-charged, who has been replacing Mingle & Nadia (from A&P Department) all this while ever since they moved to Female Magazine. She is indeed a very fun girl.

I took Putra LRT to Asia Jaya station where then I flagged down a cab to Jalan Bersatu, just like previous trips to the office.

BluInc and Magazine World are known to many. They publish numerous magazines on the market like below.

Close ups:

And I was fortunate enough that I managed to have a look at the cover of MH's premiere issue, dated August 2003.

I even did a magazine cover photo shoot for them not so long ago. Keep your eyes open people ;)

lick click to enlarge (sorry for the bad photo editing)

As soon as I settled everything with Jaclyn, I walked to my former high school, Bukit Bintang Boys’ School (BBBS), which is just located few yards away from BluInc. And I will tell more on that in my next entries.

And for now, let’s have a look at what I got last Friday:

A t-shirt

And of koz, the Muay thai ticket from which later on I learnt that I got free entry to Zouk for the after party. &%#%&*!

Watch this space for my the new entry of the Muay Thai fight, and my BBBS too

u know u love me, xoxo


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