Thursday, April 02, 2009

Ole-ole Bali, SOHO KL Pt. 3--The Food


I just returned to town from Sibu. Stayed there for a night and enjoyed it. It was my third visit to the small town. The set crew were very nice. My luck. Arrived there yesterday morning, and spent the afternoon lepak'ing at the coffee house, drinkin beer (not me la kan) and chit chatting.

The pick-up driver made an offer to take us around town but heck I spent the late afternoon in the room taking a nap. (Tulahh....dulu nak sangat travel. Sekarang dah selalu travel, rasenye tido kat bilik lg elok)

Later, went for dinner with the pilots and senior crew at a Chinese Restaurant called Fat Mom Cafe (the name tells everything). It was looooooong since I last ate Chinese food and boy, I enjoyed it very much. The butter prawn was sooo da*n good, so did the steamed garoupa!

And tomorrow I'm off to Kuching, my second night stay in the city. And guess what? I will be flying with me flatmate!
And I am flattered! ;)

Cant wait to do the sightseeing and all that (ade sape² nak kirim gambir Sarawak?)

By the way, this entry is the final entry of my 'foodscapade' at Ole Ole Bali. And this whole entry is about their food.

Deep fried diced potatoes and squids with thick sour cream.
Very nice, recommendable.

Bet cakap ni deco, I cakap air basuh tangan. Mane btol? Anyone?

Lemongrass mint tea.
Nah...tasted just average.

Ugh....I cant remember the name of the whole set but it consisted of BBQ'ed chicken, steamed rice, Balinese salads and Balinese chicken satay.
Surprisingly this menu came in less than 7 minutes right after the waitress left our table after takin the order. Was the meal preset or what, I tak tau... The chicken was cold. Curious, kan?

Traditional lamb chop.
So so.....~

Coconut milkshake.
Recommendable :)

My set of meal. Yet, they served cold chicken :(

The cumi-cumi (squids) tasted good!

Anyway, it was all worth every penny that we paid.
I like the ambiance, very cosy, not so stuffy and they certainly deserved 2 thumbs up!


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