Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Swine Flu

Good day everyone,

Nothing much to report today.
I am now in Kucheng for a couple of nights. Doing SIN sector again this afternoon-- yeah, my favorite sinful SIN. Heck, I have a couple of night stay in SIN next month. Too bad, I was actually loooking forward to catch up an old German friend of mine there, but the person will be back to Germany by the time I reach Changi :(
It's been like eternity since I stepped foot in SIN

It surprised me most to see the immigration people at Kucheng Int'l Airport has started wearing the face mask last night. Euu....come to think of it, this is very scary la! **Screw u p*g!
And the Malaysia Airport Berhad (MAB) has started to put this thermal scanner at the arrival gates at KL International Airport.

I did ask a senior the other day, and I was told that all the crew were required to wear the face mask for service during the SARS outbreak. How is that?

Be back.



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