Sunday, April 26, 2009


Dear Diary,

Happy weekend. I have just returned home from an 'unexpected' trip to Kuching, the cat city of Sarawak. It was fun and a truly eye-opening experience.

And tomorrow I am off to Borneo again, for a week trip, which means I won't be back to KL until next weekend. I am not sure what to expect, I have just never done long flight trip before. I hope it will be a good one.

It is a very quiet Sunday morning here I must say. A flatmate, F, who was also my travel buddy to Kuching had gone back to parents', and the other flatmate, Z, is still in bed. I must tell you, he really treasures deep sleep; unlike me, 5 hours of sleep suffice enough before I start a new day.

Anyway, I am actually quite doubtful regarding this--which one is going to be my soon-to-be-new camera. You know, shyt thing just happened where I lost my old iXus 700. Bengang OK!

And now I am thinking to grab a new camera.

The criteria is simple, as I know, but the options is too many to choose from. It is certainly giving me a headache! I am the type of person who likes to take my sweet time to read reviews and comments before I invest on something (I guess that is also the reason why I am still solo at this age?).

The idea is like this: I am searching for a compact digital camera that fits into my pocket easily. I do like Digital SLR (DSLR) camera as well, but since I travel a lot for work (a lot!), and the nature of my work does not permit huge things to be carried along the way, I just dont think it is a smart idea. You know, cabin crew punye manual je dah penuh satu beg troli hence I want a compact one.

I have used Olympus before, but heck the photo quality is just that bad--too much NOISE.

And also my Canon, great photo quality but the color is a bit 'untrue' or the pro term is unnatural.

I also have a friend who owns a new Nikon compact digi-cam, but yucks....really surprised the photos taken with the camera look really awful.

And I am just not a big fan of anything that uses touch screen so it is a no no for Sony Cybershot.

And all the comments above are based on my personal experience.

So what else left for me?

The answer is Lumix by Panny ;)

And here are my final Top 3.




I have many reasons why I keen to go for this brand. One of that, is the lens they used--Leica lens. Other than that, the camera features!
Bear in mind, it is not the MP that turned my head, since it don't play much role on my needs.

But really, I fell for Panny the moment I saw the cameras.

Maybe you can help myself, to justify the one from the 3 cameras above that I should go for whether it is bad or good, worth every penny spend on the camera and the like.

I am looking forward for your words.



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