Thursday, April 02, 2009

Ole-ole Bali, SOHO KL Pt. 2--The Menu Card

Short Talk:

I am still tercungap² gathering and collecting all the photos/videos taken during my graduation at MAS Academy (I lost my camera, remember?) And I have uploaded some videos recorded on the Youtube. Check out these links, if you can find me.

Malay Dance
Chinese Dance
Indian Dance

There were much more than dancing during the graduation. Nanti kalau ada more media, I share, OK?

Hey hey peeps,

How are things on your side? Enjoying your working days? Well I do! ;-)

As mentioned before, this another entry of my makan² visit at Ole Ole Bali. But for this time, I will want to share the menu card first laa....
(all things pon modal kat

.....stay tuned.


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