Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Short Note

Dear Diary,

Good day.
I am tapping this from the crew lounge of the hotel I am staying at. The room is filled with tobacco smoke. I just can't afford to stay longer to update this :(

I woke up late this morning. Did some sightseeing around KK town. It was kinda different feeling from my last trip to Kucheng last week since I did the sightseeing alone today. No one to ask to help me take my photos, and all that.
Nevertheless, I am still enjoying my trip here. And yes, I spent a fortune on postcards ;)

I also received a very good news last night. I (and the rest of my colleagues) will be getting some incentives from the company for the recognition by Skytrax to be the World's Best and also the fact that we able to mantained to be the World's 5 Star Value Carrier. The incentives will not be much, but I am still happy for what I am about to receive.

Oh yeah, last but certainly not least, I have also bought a new camera last Sunday. And I am verry verry happy for it.
Now I can sleep well every night ;)

Till then.

Lots of love


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