Thursday, April 02, 2009

Ole-ole Bali, SOHO KL Pt. 1


It took me ayyyyyyyy-jhesss to put this into an entry.

OK OK how do I begin?
Bet was the one who popped up the idea. The usual binge gang meet up It was ME!
I was the one who popped up the idea. All the makan² thing selalunye my idea. Ha!

I was about to graduate from Malaysia Airlines Academy at that time, and I texted all my binge gang for a get-together before I start flying.

Hence, we met at Ole Ole Bali, located at Soho KL, Mont Kiara.

All the 3 girls were there. They are non other than Bet, Jolie and Nad.

And tadaaahhhhhh.......

Nad, and Bet. Nad is in the UK now. Mengabehkan duit tunang...

Jolie, and moi. Jolie was admitted to Ampang Puteri last week due to dehydration.

Table setting....luckily kat Economy Class takde table setting² ni.

Of koz la...bile jumpe kene ade gossip² baru..... Kate Gossip Girls. Haha..

Have I shared that Australia giveaway yet yek?

My lemongrass mojito. Superb!

Haih.....very the signature.

And now, lets check out the meals ordered at Ole², OK?





Arghh...heavenly food. Glorious.
Outsiders.......COME TO MALAYSIA!!

My lemongrass mojito gone in less than 5 minutes. So I sucked up dry Jolie's milk shake then ;)

As soon as things finished, we shoot to Pavilion, just for a cuppa.

Whenever I see KLCC, I see Dr. M

Coffee Bean, Pavilion

Ughh.....I am so meatless. Somebody help! out this space for further review of food at Ole Ole Bali


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