Wednesday, November 18, 2009



I snapped the photo below from last week's newspaper, unfortunately I can't recall the exact date, so my apologies.

The thing that I want to highlight here is the hair do of Rosmah Mansor, and errr.....her face! BTW, Rosmah is the wife of the Malaysia's current PM, aka Malaysia's first lady.

Aiyo, makin hari makin menjadi yek ko Rosmah. I mean, look at the do and the face! So plastic! As plastic as press-on nails!

Even the nose!
The nose is as huge as 'burung belatok'. Ever seen The Grinch Stole the Christmas by Jim Carrey. Ha.....her nose look like that Grinch also.

And now look at the eyes........muke bengkak dek menyuntik sampai tak boleh nak bukak mata dah.

C'mon la......dah takde keje lain ke asik nak menyuntik je? Do what you supposed to do for the Rakyat (pronounced Rakyat, tak payah nak berdengung Ra'yat. I hate that shitty pronunciation!), not suntik here and there and telling the whole wide world you did nothing to the face. People are not stupid and blind!

ps: macam tak percaye dulu Rosmah attached to a news anchor from RTM.


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