Saturday, November 21, 2009

Gossip Girl S03


I hate to admit this but I do love watching Gossip Girl, in fact, I am a huge fan of the TV show and have the whole series from S01 to the current ones (S03E10) in my iPod.

It may sound girly and so high-school, I know, but I cannot resist to have that feeling of being filthy rich by watching the show. Frankly speaking, I am not from the same hierarchy level as Blair Waldorf (which is very obvious) so it is good that the show can buat modal berangan, bak kata orang Melayu. At least I know how is the life of rich people may seems like.

And my fav characters in the show are Chuck Bass and Jenny Humphrey.
Aiyoo......Ed Westwick is just perfect for the character. He is one great actor, for sure. And Little J has never dissapoint me so far.

In the latest season, Season 3, saw new faces like Tyra Banks, Hillary Duff and more. The kids (Blair and company) are no longer students at Constance Billard but they are now attending college, except for Serena, who is working at the Publicist.

And yesterday, I just finished watching the 9th episode of Season 3. Eughh......there was a scene where Dan Humphrey had threesome with Vanessa and Olivia (starring Hillary Duff). Macam tak perlu je that scene!

Anyway, the drama is getting hotter and hotter, which I like very much. I am yet to watch the Episode 10 after this.

I strongly recommend the TV show to those yang suke berangan.

Well, I do like to berangan, and people who loves to berangan. In fact, I do encourage people to berangan from which I believe, dari berangan lah kau tahu ape yang kau nak in your life. It makes you go strive for it.

Plus, berangan doesn't cost you a thing, so, you got nothing to lose pon......

Happy weekend everyone, wherever you are in this world.

U know u love me, xoxo

ps: I am on Annual Leave now. It feels so good. Tido makan facebook, Tido makan facebook, Tido makan facebook, Tido makan facebook, Tido makan facebook............


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