Monday, September 20, 2010

Marc Jacobs New EDTs

Wow, very sexy!

That was actually my first impression about the latest campaign by Marc Jacobs for his new perfumes--Bang.

To be honest, I haven't had a chance to visit the nearest perfume counter yet to take a sniff on Bang but I know I will like it, and I will get myself one soon. And boi, how I love the bottle!
It looks similar to the flask that I wanted to buy this afternoon!

Geez. Tak jadi beli flask tu pon sbb it is very small, way too smaller than my old Erik Magnussen flask (bukan dr segi ml/flask but the size of the flask itself). I like BIG things, really

And what a coincident that Bang is out in the market now. With a bottle resembling my (used to be) dream flask, it is simply a must thing to buy.

Now see the nude Marc ;)

Arghhh.....the excitement doesn't finish there. Now presenting another 3 new EDTs.

Biscotti, Apple and Pomegranate body splash.

Well, they are not really body splash a-la Victoria Secret's packed in those flimsy plastic bottles that you can buy quite cheap in town, but those are also new EDTs.

I personally call it body splash 'coz they only have in 300ml bottle. WHAT? 300ml? That's a lot!
Man, I
yang heavy user of perfume ni pon pakai 100ml bertahun baru habis. So yeah, kalau dah 300ml.....buat ala2 body splash sudah.

I have tried all. Initially I thought Biscotti would suits men, but nah....I prefer the Apple more.

Pon nak kene beli jugak nanti ;)

Price check: RM 304/bottle.
Takpe, end of the month I ada Dubai, I will get my Bang and Apple from there. Cheaper in Dubai than in KL :)
Ada sesiapa yang nak kirim?

U know u love me,


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