Saturday, October 10, 2009

Middle East: Day 2

One word best describes Dubai : MAGNIFICENT!

Everything is just sooo 'me' here! Those who know me, maybe tau la kot.

Yesterday was a very tiring day for us, especially me. We got out since lunch time and went around the city till 5 am today!

And got up early today (breakfast was very delicious by the way) and did the city tour again. Visited many interesting places. Can't tell now la where did we go to. Won't be a surprise, kan?

Gotta dash now. Need a good night sleep. I'm off to Beirut tomorrow morning. I'm looking forward for this particular flight ;)

U know u love me, xoxo

ps: Everything is sooooooo pricey here. A bottle of 500ml mineral water is tagged at DHS 10 (+/- MYR 10). So, sape yang berangan nak dok Dubai, think again. The money may be good here, but what you get is what spend.


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