Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hey Mister...!

Dear Zachba readers,

If any one of you who reads this know the guy above, I will highly appreciate it if you can let me know where on earth I can find him.

My besties and I happened to have a cuppa at Starbucks, Pavilion recently and he was sitting next to our table with his buddies.

And for God's sake, this guy left 'something' on his table when he left.

I would like to return the stuff to him.

And luckily my Betty Mak Nenek ada ambik gambar dia....well, she was playing with my new toy--Nikon D90 ;)

So people, where can I find him. Pls help!

Seth, again aku cakap dengan ko.....ko mmg je hensem!

U know u love me, xoxo


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