Saturday, May 15, 2010

Away..........To Delhay~


Happy Sunday people. A not so nice Sunday for me koz I gotta work. I miss having brunch on Sunday with friends in town. Now another one is missing from the group, Betty it is. She was just married last week and today is her wedding reception on the groom's side. And later next month, she will move to Melbourne in Australia to follow the husband, who is currently working there (and waiting for his PR status. y.u.c.k.s).

Btw, I'm off to New Delhi this evening. This will be my forth visit to the city.

Seriously rasa malas nak pergi.

The reason being, I am now down with fever after my trip to Sabah. And bad stomach ache from the fried noodle I had at Tawau airport. **screw u kakak

And the great thing is the weather in Delhi now is forecasted to be very HOOOOTTTTTTTT!

Look below, on Sunday 16 May.

The weather is predicted to be 44 deg Celcius!!!

Aiyo KL
yang 29 deg pon dah kuyup berpeluh. Since the weather in Delhi now is extremely hot, and my current condition at its not-so-best, I decided that I will not go out do the sightseeing like I normally do in Delhi. I rather stay indoor and finish read a book. I am now engaged to this book titled How Starbucks Saved My Life by Michael Gates Gill. It is a good read I must say.

Haaa.....makin demam la balik KL nanti. It really reminds me of my first trip to Dubai last year. Weather was around 50 deg Celcius. And it was 4 in the morning!!!!


Tuhan, selamatkan perjalananku pergi dan balik. Amin


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