Monday, May 24, 2010

Hola HKT


Finally, the loooong awaited moment has arrived. I am finally on my annual leave now.

I will be away for a much-deserved beach holiday in Phuket for a week! Ngeeee.........I am so excited. Everyday tengok orang naik flights pegi holiday, now, this is my time (first time actually) pegi holiday since saya kerja terbang sana sini.

So basically, nothin much planned so far. But I wanna go Thai this holiday. LOL. You know, eat Thai food, indulge in Thai massage, sip Thai mocktails on that famous Phuket beach....all things Thai lah senang citer.

Do wish me a safe journey.

Thai Red Army, please remain in Bangkok, at least till I'm back to KL, OK? For God's sake please don't come to Phuket ya? Haha


ps: Nadia, Happy Flying back to LHR.


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