Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Kota Merah

Dear All,

This is the final part of my journal for my trip to Delhi held recently. You may want to read the other part here. Anyway, how are you doing? And how was the looooooong weekend? Late Happy Thaipusam to all Hindu readers ;)

Chinese New Year is around the corner, so to those celebrating, how is the preparation? ***any angpow for me, heh?

After my visit to India Gate, I made a detour to Red Fort, which is located roughly 10 minutes by a tuk-tuk ride from the Gate.

Red Fort is basically another UNESCO World Heritage Site that I had visited after Borobudur and Prambanan Temple in Indonesia and Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

For your information, there are 2 Red Forts in India. So don't get confused.

One is located in Delhi, and the other one in Agra, or better know as Agra Fort.

For better understanding, you may want to visit here to know what is Red Fort.

The whole complex area is actually very very huge (typical Asian kan nak sebut 'very' 2 3 kali). It is perhaps a quarter size of the size of Universiti Malaya. Means of transportation here is.....your legs. Yes, J.A.L.A.N! And you really need high level energy to walk up all the buildings located in the whole area.

I'm lovin this photo lah!

Like in my case, I did the whole tour all by myself. So, this is yet another drawback la kan when you travel alone. When you are tired of all the walking and there is no travel buddy to motivate you to do more....I ended up my tour at Red Fort merely half of the whole complex only. Sayang.... I should've tahan a bit and walk furthermore.

But really....the fort is freakin huge and I don't think I am fit to finish visiting it in just one day. Belum pose amik gamba banyak2.

Yang pasti, saya sudah sampai sini....

Dan yang pasti juga, Red Fort ini berbau hancing sebagaimana tempat-tempat lain di India. Saya agak terkejut apabila ada seseorang menjual botol kaca yang orang selalu guna sebagai medium untuk menghisap Ice (the drug) di luar Red Fort.

Dan anda mungkin tidak mahu melihat bagaimanakah rupanya sebuah tandas awam yang disediakan di bangunan yang telah diwartakan sebagai Pusat Warisan Dunia oleh UNESCO ini. Agak sadis.

But provided there is someone to accompany, yes, I wouldn't mind to visit here again. Maybe for the light and sound show as well (daily at 7pm)?

U know u love me, xoxo


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