Wednesday, February 10, 2010

From DXB with Love.

Greetings everyone,

Hope things are good on your side? Despite those shitty things happened to me last week, I actually had a blast on my trip to Dubai. Thanks to my beloved 2 batch mates, who were on the same flight.

Anyway, this is just a quick one. Below are some of the photos taken at Dubai last week. Enjoice ;)

This is by far the cheapest food I've seen in Dubai. RM 15 for 4 pieces of fried chicken......?
Aiyoo....murah la jugak dari KL.

And that is my travel buddy in Dubai. I just loved this photo.

In front of the Union Square Metro (LRT) Station. Even the train station pon dah satu architectural wonder.

And this is what I had for dinner. A visit to Dubai will not complete without having their famous Biryani Rice.

But there's a price to pay la kan. For a plate of Biryani, it cost me RM 32!
Again, tak payah la taksub sangat nak kerja kat Dubai. Memang la they earn like 5 digits/month. Tapi tgk la pulak cost of living kat sana. Tak dapat nasik RM3 sepinggan macam kat Mesia.

Oh.....tak ku tahu bilik yang ku tinggal berharga RM 1600?

U know u love me, xoxo


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