Saturday, January 10, 2009

Review of Nadia's Engagement Ceremony Pt. 1

Dear Readers,

First of all, happy looooooong weekend and to all celebrating Chinese New Year, a prosperous Happy CNY to you. How are you spending the weekend? I am tapping this from my girlpal's house in Ampang. Big plan today, will tell more later, OK?

Anyway, not so long ago, on January 1st to be exact, 2 of my friends and I went to Tanjong Karang to attend another girlpal's engagement ceremony.

That, was my first time to Tanjong Karang. I was skeptical to go at first, since I had a very heavy night on the night before and I got up the next morning with drowsy head. Well, it was New Year's eve, remember?

I got up reluctantly and headed to KL Sentral to meet Julie who was already there waiting for me. We took the Komuter train to Klang to meet up with Bettey before continue our journey to Tanjong Karang. Lots of hassles, neh?

And heck, I really hate to take the Komuter train. Always penuh dengan mamat2 Indon! Plus the fact that the air in the cabin stinks, like always!

See, dengan handle yang berkarat!

Nenek Jolie, still ade time to jahit baju.

From Klang with love....

Practice kejer ;)

Ha....I have never seen porcupine for real! I set another self-record!

Nadia's cincin risik.

Sarawak layer cake, looks nice, neh?

Headache. I am glad I was a born as a male ;)

I really did not know such thing does exist in the world?

Both mak nenek, busy with the tudongs.

OK now, lets move on to the real photos of the engagement ceremony. Basically, Nadia is engaged to a guy who works in the UK named Azli.

Nadia with soon-to-be-mom-in-law...

...and her family

And now the engagement ring.

And not to forget, the drama...

fellow ex-MMUians

One of the hantaran. BTW, do you know Vicky Beckham?

Aiyo....very the vintage lah!

Bile orang takde kampong, camni la scene dia...

Yada yada.....

to be continued....


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