Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Review of Nadia's Engagement Ceremony Pt. 2

Dear Diary,

Today is Monday, and is the very first day in the Chinese Lunar calendar. Nothing much done so far, except spending the day on my bed. I am home alone now. Everyone has gone elsewhere with their own agenda. Me being me, I rather spend the long weekend at home than loitering in the malls like others do. Ha!

Anyway, this is the second and the final part of my review on Nadia's engagement ceremony. Not much to condemn or so, just to share the whole lots experience on her special day, kan?

This couple actually first met online, on to be exact! I really did not know that online thingy can make wonders to people these days. Well, I have met some people that I know from the internet but to tie a know with them, is far beyond my imagination.

To cut the story short, the theme for that day was 'Turquoise and Pink' hence everyone attended the ceremony wore things in the color. Me, as someone who seeks differences, I wore white instead! Ha ha. Well, that is my signature attitude.

The hantarans (dowry or wedding gifts) were 9-to-11 which means Nadia gave her fiance 11 items for the engagement and was replied 9 from the other party.

Let's check out the items exchanged (or appropriately shared):

From Nadia:

Cakes, small icing-coated cakes. I am tempted laa...

Sirih junjung

Accessories from Ted Baker

Kain...(tak hengat la actually ni ape? Baju Melayu ke?)

Bunga Rampai (or scented finely-cut flowers)

Chocolates...(from Tesco...hahaha)

Fresh fruits

Halwa (or sugar-coated fruits)

A shirt from Ted Baker

A pair of shoes from Aldo

Sarawak layer cakes

From Azli:

Engagement ring from Habib(ah)

Again, fresh fruits..

A handbag from Tod's and a pair of heels from Aldo (5" heels, OK? Nadia, u must be insane!)


Telekung (or female prayer dress)

A cake from Adunan Rahsia

Sirih junjung

Bunga rampai...

Ferrero Rocher.....hmmmm! U are doin fine, Azli! Hahahaha

And another kain...

So, that is all.

Nadia and Azli, I am wishing you guys longlasting happiness. Jangan nak sombong dengan aku OK?!


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