Saturday, April 17, 2010


How on earth this could happened to me? :(

I met 2 super VVVIP yesterday and today, both at work.

Scene 1:
As I was q'ing to get my bag scanned at the airport (you know, the process you need to undergo before they let you go to the Departure Hall), I was approached by someone asking me if he could cut the Q. OK I thought it was weird at first. It happened at the Airlines Staff counter, and he was not wearing any of the airlines' uniform. 'This is for the VIP'. I care? You cut the q, you cut the q....
But my jaw dropped reachin' the floor as the VIP came nearer. It was Claudia Schiffer, the legendary German supermodel. Ouch!
She was standing right before me and there you go.....I forgot that I have a little thing called 'camera' inside my bag! Pffftttt.......

Scene 2:
Bollywood superstar, Amitabh Bachan was on my flight just now to Langkawi. I thought dapatlah I snap a photo of us together2......but he slept all the way to Langkawi. Jangankan gambar, a signature of him pon tak sempat nak ambik :(
To those yang very into Amitabh Bachan, he will be in Langkawi for 3 nights. The group is attending a conference there and they are stayin' at The Westin Hotel, as the event DJ explained to me. So, who ever yang die hard fan tu, perhaps you wanna try your luck in Langkawi tomorrow? oooppss....too much info, ka?

I'm off to China tomorrow, mintak2lah ade Zhang Ziyi on board. Paling koman pon Michelle Yeoh lah.

Ta. Happy Weekend peeps.

ps: Jeles ade crew tu amik gambar dgn Anna Kournikova :|


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