Saturday, April 10, 2010

Juicy Jakarta


Been long, kan? How are you zachba readers doin'? And how is the weekend?
My Saturday was a boring one. It was the most unproductive Saturday I ever had ever since I can imagine. Sleep-eat-check out the facebook...that kinda stuffs (repeatedly from morning until night). Boo!

Today (Sunday), I'll be working again. And I'll be away from KL for a few days ;-)

Most of my days in this month will be spent traveling in/to China--Kunming, Shanghai and Taipei (Taiwan). I am mostly excited for my Taipei trip though I dislike the city. Weird, kan? I was there last year.

Anyway, below are some of the photos taken last month during my visit to Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia.

The view of city skyline from my hotel room.

For many reasons, I have to admit that I do love this city. It is not like KL, Jakarta is either you love it, or you hate it. Let's put aside the massive traffic congestion during peak hours. It is insane!

What I love most about the city is the people! Jakarta has certainly produces so many good looking people than anywhere else in S.E Asia, other than Manila. For me, KL is not the standard to compare with, sad to say.

My colleagues and I were at a mall called Plaza Indonesia which is similar to what Suria is in KL. The ladies seemed to be putting a lot of efforts just for the sake of going out to the mall--princess curly hair, nice make up and very sexy outfit whereas the situation is different in KL where people couldn't be bothered of what they wear and how they look. Betul tak?

It's either they carry Hermes' Birkin or Chanel 2.55 or Louis Vuitton. I did not see Coach or 'middle class range' luxury handbags in their arms.

And the guys look fit and healthy and in this case, trendy too. They are not afraid of colours!

One more thing that I notice is the people are very proud with the black hair that God had given them. Colored hair looks soooo yesterday. Kire rambut blond and burgundy tu fashion kampung macam tu. Bila fikir balik, alahai....fesyen jinjang Sungai Wang amatlah sadis, really!

Went to the supermarket at Plaza Indonesia, and I saw this Mie Kerinting. Hey, that's me! Mie Kerinting! Haha

Penang Kwetiaw is getting famous!

And this was my dinner that day. I really thought their satay will look and taste like our satay. But a picture say a thousand of words, so you know la kan. According to my colleague, it was cow's tongue satay. Aiyoooo...pengsan! So to say, I ate one stick only.

Gotta dash.

U know u love me, xoxo


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