Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Heya peeps,

Greetings and Selamat....

Apa khabar
? How are things goin' on your side? I am already back to KL. My weekend in Taipei was a splendid one. But now, fever is catching on....so it kinda pissed me off since I'll need to go to work tonight. Going to work with illness is no fun....not only for my job but I believe every job in this world pon. But in my case, if I don't turn up for the flight, there will be no money for me by the end of the month. No work, no money....

Cross fingers things will be alright. I am solely depending on medications I got and also green tea, which I found to be helpful.

Anyway, I will be away for Shanghai tonight. This will be my first time flying to the city after my first trip was removed November last year. I was hospitalized during that time for bad sore throat.

Sunrise over Pudong skyline.

Pudong at night.

Like many other cities I visit, untuk Shanghai pon ade jugak study and research I buat. Insya'Allah, if things are alright, I want to visit here:

1. The Bund Shanghai aka Paris of the East

2. Bund Sightseeing Tunnel

3. Nanjing Road

Cik Betty Abas, sila baca ini. A quote from the internet.

Nanjing Road is the world's longest shopping district, around 6 km long, and attracts over 1 million visitors daily..


Hadoi....camni gayanye. Pegi Jalan Masjid India time nak Raya pon dah nak pengsan....tengokla, kalo bernapas lagi, kan ku gigehkan jugak berjalan.

Oh demam, sila lah duduk jauh2.



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