Thursday, November 18, 2010

Asian vs the Caucasian

(Caution: lots of vulgar words below. Read at your own risk)

Hola peeps,

A quick one. Just wanna share something that happened recently, on my flight ex-Kuching in Borneo en route to Johor Bahru, located in the Southern part of West Malaysia.

I was standing at my station during the embarkation process when a passenger, a lady passenger, a fit early 30's lady passenger (I like to be precise here) approached me. She was carrying 2 big bags along. One, a cabin wheel bag, prolly similar size to my trolley bag and a box of same size.

The conversation went on like this:

She: Bro, take these 2 bags to the compartment. (For f**k sake, where is your 'excuse me', 'can you please help me......'?)
(Dik, letak 2 beg ni kat atas)

OK, I still can bargain her rudeness and helped her despite the dictatorship value that she showed me. But heck, I cannot! I realized the 2 bags were FREAKING FUCKING SUPER DUPER HEAVY!!! OK pardon my language, but I can't help it.

The wheel bag was roughly 10kgs and the box, from which later I learned containing Sarawak Kek Lapis was weighing no less than 15kgs. ARE YOU SERIOUSLY FUCKING KIDDING ME???
You know that the maximum weight of a cabin bag is 7kgs only and a passenger can only carry ONE (ONE = 01) and she certainly had exceeded the baggage allowance.

Realizing that I cannot perform the task, I told her..

Me: Can you help me push the bag. It's too heavy for me. (Boleh tolong saya tolak beg ni tak? Berat lah!)

She: Come on...those bags are not heavy. Can't you do it yourself? (Ala dik.....beg tu ringan je. Takkan nak suruh akak tolong kot....)

Me: (Dalam hati: Mafucka.....kalau dah tau beg tu ringan, kau angkat sendiri, bukan kau mintak aku tolong. Plus those are your bags, neither one of it belongs to me. Hence they are your responsibilities. I can be ignorant there and do my own things without acknowledging you. But I DID NOT. BECAUSE I care about my image, and the image of the company that I carry)

I surrendered and a colleague helped me.

And guess what? This UNGRATEFUL lady passenger, merely gave me a look and continued reading her newspapers after the event WITHOUT any courtesy to say 'thank you' or whatsoever.

How to say she is another typical ASIAN passenger that I had to deal everyday at work.

Please, if you are traveling on board, try to put yourself in our shoes. Cabin crew. Regardless which airlines you flying with.

Say, we have to do 4 sectors that day (e.g Kuala Lumpur - Penang - Kuala Lumpur - Singapore - Kuala Lumpur), imagine for each sector, passengers behaving like this, what will happen to our back bones, the crew back bones? Yeah, at certain extent, we do have to think about this too!
Kalau beg kau ringan, boleh lah nak ditolong, kalau 10 passenger dengan beg yang berat gile babi, ditambahkan dengan attitude yang stink, memang jahanam la tulang belakang crew tu.

This is one of the differences between Asian and Caucasian behaviors that we, the crew, see everyday at work.

I am sorry, but this is true. I myself an Asian, and I like to remind myself not to be like those typical Asian passengers when I go for a trip.

And by all means I do not practice favoritism but I do believe those Caucasians are simply cultured people. They know how to say thank you! As simple as that!

So, jangan tanya apsal kalau layan mat saleh lebih which aku rase statement yang sangat tak accurate.

I wish I can write more, but I'm sick thinking of the bags event. I better rest a bit.


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