Friday, July 09, 2010

Modern Pizzas

Good morning everyone,

How are y'all doing? Ready for the weekend? Speaking of weekend, I am just gonna miss this weekend again, due to work I have. Will be away from KL until Monday but, yeah...I guess it won't be that bad actually since I have the whole Sunday for myself. So the plan is simple, to lay down by the pool side enjoying the ray of Sunday sunshine reading a magazine/listening to my ever loyal iPod........and sipping iced-Coca-cola (only). Sounds nice? Yeah, maybe....provided there is no screaming kids at the pool. Haha

Oh btw, I managed to spent the whole day at home yesterday. I did not go out, like I normally would do on my off days. It was a true bliss to be able to wake up with a cup of coffee, having the whole day for myself, doing nothing but eat, sleep and facebook!

Since I was lazy to go out, plus the hot and humid weather, I decided to have pizzas delivered for lunch (and left over for dinner). The order was all done online.

One thing I noticed yesterday was the pizza company have improved their website, with GPS tracker! Isn't that wonderful that customers now be able to see where it goes, I mean the pizzas? Aiyo....the idea is so surreal.

Really, I gotta agree that internet connection + computer technology does make wonders more than it does to harm people.

So what after this?

U know u love me,

ps: lepas ni Domino's bolehlah bagi voucher free pizza banyak2 pada saya.


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